2015 Dallas, WI Oktoberfest (7th Edition) Final Results

October 5, 2015
2015 Dallas, WI Oktoberfest
Hosted By Kubbnation Magazine
Final Results

Gold: Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels (Eau Claire, WI / Des Moines, IA / White Bear Lake, MN)
Silver: Chaska Kubb (Chaska, MN / Amery / Eau Claire, WI)
Bronze: Claire Mni (Eau Claire, WI / Minneapolis, MN)
4th: Kubboom (Eau Claire, WI)

Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels 2-0 Chaska Kubb

Third Place:

Claire Mni 2-1 Kubboom


Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels 2-1 Claire Mni
Chaska Kubb 2-1 Kubboom


Chaska Kubb over Skubby Dudes
Kubboom over Steve and the Shufflers
Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels 2-1 Kubbar
Claire Mni 2-0 Ulfhednar

Group Play:

Group A:
Chaska Kubb 3-0
Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels 2-1
No, YOU go! 1-2
My Boyfriend Floyd 0-3

Group B:
Steve and the Shufflers 3-0
Ulfhednar 2-1
Stop Kubbing Baby Seals 1-2
Knitting Klubb 0-3

Group C:
Kubbar 2-0-1
Skubby Dudes 2-1
Stupid Beavers 1-1-1
Team Gorilly 0-3

Group D:
Claire Mni 3-0
Kubboom 2-1
Shinbusters 1-2
Last Minute Kubbers 0-3

Consolation Results:
Winner: Stop Kubbing Baby Seals
2nd: Stupid Beavers
3rd: Team Gorilly
4th: Shinbusters

You can find pictures on our website and Facebook page



October 2, 2015
The 7th Edition of the Dallas, WI Oktoberfest Kubb Tournament is tomorrow in the small village of Dallas in northwestern Wisconsin. 16 6-player teams. The pitches are set up 24.5 meters by 21 meters. It is one big party.



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Dallas Tournament - Registration Opens August 1st

July 21, 2015
Registration for the 7th annual Dallas Oktoberfest Kubb Tournament opens August 1st. It is the only six-person kubb tournament in North America, and it is open to all skill levels. You can find more information about it on our website. This year, we are predicting 64 degrees and mostly sunny.

What is Dallas Oktoberfest like? It is home to the world's longest brat (160 feet in 2014), beer, kubb, homemade lefse, car show, gun show, amazing fall colors every year, polka band in the firehouse, k...

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The Draw: An Eau Claire Look Inside Groups Z and ZZ

July 2, 2015
What a U.S. Championship Team Draw last Saturday. As usual, the Team Draw gave us a variety of story lines and possible story lines that are endless. This year, the Draw was cruel for many of the top Eau Claire teams.

What are the easy story lines that we know for sure?

Well, Settlers of Baton (Kalamzoo and Minneapolis) lost to Kubb’d (Des Moines and Taylor Falls) 1-2 last year in the round of 32, and there were 10 kubbs in play in Game 3. This year, they play their last group play match agai...
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The Oasis ... Goodbye Old Friend

June 26, 2015
I don’t remember the first time I played kubb at The Oasis. But I will always remember the last time I played kubb at The Oasis. Last night, The Oasis hosted its last kubb matches. The invite was less than 24 hours before the last night of kubb there. It was four on four, then soon, six on six, with two little kids running around…we would have not had it any other way. Last night, I hit my first throw, an 8 meter throw from just inside the right sideline and knocking back the middle kubb....
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Inkastare Training Tip 12 - Work the baseline (Remember, groups of kubbs are like snowflakes)

June 1, 2015
Sometimes the best angle to inkast is not tight along the sideline. If you throw the kubb across your body so that your arm is along the sideline, but you are aiming further inside the sideline (left for right handed players), it is more difficult to cut the kubb back to the right. Also, perhaps your group is set up so that to get it in a preferred spot has high risk if you are tight along the sideline. Do not limit yourself to stand always along the sideline. Be careful though. If you...

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Pre-Championship Information

May 29, 2015

This was a recent post from Team Kubboom. They are hosting the Pre-Championship on June 28th in Eau Claire.

Here is the link for The Pre.


Hello Kubbers!

It’s time to get serious about the 2015 U.S. National Kubb Championship! http://www.usakubb.org/.
And what better way to do that than to spend a quality kubb filled weekend in the Kubb Capital of America, home of the largest North American kubb tournament, Eau Claire, WI. The weeke...

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Are Three Batons In A Row Too Many?

May 22, 2015
After playing and watching a whole lot of kubb events the past few weeks, I have been doing some thinking about team size the past week.

It is no secret out there that I really like teams of three or more. At the same time, I 100 percent realize that not all U.S. tournaments can currently host tournaments with a minimum of three or more players on a team. Local interest, distance, number of tournaments, and other things prohibit some tournaments from requiring more than two people on a team. ...
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We built it...a month in the life of kubb in Eau Claire, WI

May 12, 2015
It is amazing what we have all built...the dozens of us all over the U.S., but mostly in the Upper Midwest, over the past several years. I feel like I am in the middle of a four-week kubb fantasy dream right now. If you live in Eau Claire or the surrounding area, the kubb life is absolutely amazing...and considering all the hard work we have all done, we deserve it, and I am going to enjoy it.

Let me explain...

Weekend of April 25th
Friday - Help host a Learn To Play event at SpringFest in Chip...
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April 27, 2015
On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be able to wake up and take a drive 20 minutes north to Chippewa Falls to play in the Inaugural Leinenkugals Kubb Championship hosted by Kubb Farm. Yes, we are living the kubb dream in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley.

I was hearing the word helicopter a lot throughout the morning. I heard it as a verb, noun, and adjective. I heard it next to me, I heard it from a distance, and I heard it out of my mouth. In the past I have felt this way once and awhile, but a...
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