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2013 Kubbnation Magazine is released

Posted by eric anderson on Monday, January 14, 2013,

The third edition of Kubbnation Magazine is now available. There are a host of articles in it this year. Not as many as last year, but we have a few longer articles. You will learn a lot about kubb in Belgium. Did you know they have over 50 tournaments a year and it is 1/10 the size of Wisconsin (and for the most part, only the northern half of the country plays)? As I communicated with a lot of people over there, I now have a huge urge to go to Belgium and play in a tournament. The team acti...

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Kubbnation Magazine. A Look Behind the Scenes

Posted by eric anderson on Sunday, October 28, 2012,
Are we really working on the third edition of Kubbnation Magazine? It is really amazing to think about that. There are quite a few things in the works right now, and there are articles coming from different states and countries as well. We are really excited about all the different things happening.

One thing we are doing is a kubb set review. Not a "this set is good" and "this set is bad", but a "tale of the tape". Dimensions, weights, what comes with the sets, etc. We believe that all sets ...
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