13th Edition

2nd Oldest Tournament in the U.S.

Hosted by Kubbnation Magazine

Dallas, WI
turday October 02, 2021
First U.S. tournament with 6-person teams (2012) 
First U.S. tournament with painted kubbs (2012)
First U.S. tournament requiring multiple inkastares (2013)

Please contact us at wisconsinkubb[at]gmail.com. 

Registration is open. Register here 

Location: The Park in Dallas

Time: Games start at 9am

Cost: $70/team (online registration)

Format: 6-person teams.
All teams will be placed in groups of six, with round-robin format. Top two teams in each group advance to Championship Bracket. Teams that finish third and fourth play in the Silver Bracket. Teams that finish fifth and sixth play in Bronze Bracket. If all 24 spots are full, all teams are guaranteed five group play matches and three playoff matches. Any of the returning top four returning teams will be placed in the top of a group. The teams that finished 5-8 in 2018 will be placed randomly in each of the four groups along with a 2018 top four team.  All remaining teams will be randomly placed in each of the four groups. Tiebreakers will consist of games won and then a throw off to determine seed. The throw off will consist of which team can knock down the most field and baseline kubbs after inkasting three kubbs (at least two inkastares). U.S. National Kubb Championship rules will be used.

Each team needs to have at least two inkastares (kubb tossers). No inkastare can throw kubbs on consecutive turns. For example, one inkastare will throw all the kubbs in one turn, and the other inkastare the following turn.

Kubb sets are JP's Backyard Games official tournament sets.

 24 team limit. All skill levels welcome. For more information regarding the tournament: Eric Anderson at: wisconsinkubb [at] gmail.com

Environment: Kubb, Valkyrie beer, brats and more brats, homemade lefse, car show, polka band, more kubb, pancake breakfast, cannon blasts, Amish crafts, vintage baseball game, wiener dog races, more kubb, local food for sale, music/beer/food in the park, and even more kubb, all in the small little town of Dallas, right in the heart of Kubb Country, USA. Oktoberfest website

Past Results
2020 Results - Final: Kubb de Grace def. Filthy Sweet (Video)
Results - Final: Misfits def. Claire Mni (Video 1) (Video 2) (Video 3)
2018 Results - Final: Claire Mni def. Chaska Kubb (Video)
2017 Results - Final: Chaska Kubb def. Skübbatrübbas (Video)
2016 Results - Final: Johnny Blazel Ft. The Free Agents def. Skübbatrübbas (Video)
2015 Results - Final: Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels def. Chaska Kubb
2014 Results - Final: Do It For Johnny def. Claire Mni
2013 Results - Final: Claire Mni def. DKK3 (Video)
2012 Results - Final: Six Pack def. Kubb Shot J.R.? (Video)
2011 Results - Final: Tad Kubbler def. Dead Rabbits
2010 Results - Final: Sweden's Sons def. The Duke Boys
2009 Results - Final: Red Herron def. Kanelbullarna

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