U.S. Team Cup

There will be no U.S. Team Cup in 2020.

The U.S. Team Cup is an annual competition for kubb teams in the U.S. All ages, skill levels, and experience are welcome. There is no cost. The four best scores for a Cup Team count towards their season Team Cup Total.

2019 Standings


Only Cup Teams earn Cup points.

Up to four players can be registered on a Cup Team roster. Family teams or teams with all family members and no more than one non-family member can have more than four players registered.

Cup Players can only be signed up on one Cup Team.

Cup Players have to play in at least three Cup Tournaments with their Cup Team. For teams completely outside WI, MN, IA, and IL, two players need to play in at least three Cup Tournaments. Any additional players on the team need to play in at least two Cup Tournaments for the team to earn Cup Points from the respective Cup Tournament.

All Cup Teams and corresponding Cup Players are listed on a website available for all to see (below).

All Cup Team results (finish and participating players) are listed on a website available for all to see (below).

If a Cup Team has a non-team member play on their team in a Cup Tournament, no Cup points are generated for their Cup Team at that Cup Tournament.

Cup Teams do not need to have their entire roster playing in a tournament to get Cup Points. For instance, a Cup Team can have 2/3, 2/4, or 3/4 of their players playing in a Cup Tournament and get Cup Points. The player(s) not playing on the Cup Team can play with another team in the respective Cup Tournament. However, no Cup Points will be given for that other team.

If a Cup Team splits into two teams for a Cup Tournament, the lowest score of the two teams will be awarded. If a Cup Tournament requires two-player teams, the highest score of the two teams will be awarded.

Points in Cup Tournaments that do not place teams in a Tied 9, Tied 17, and/or Tied 33 format will be awarded in the closest and fairest manner.   

The four best scores for a Cup Team count towards their season Team Cup total.

Cup Teams record their results to wisconsinkubb[at]gmail.com

Cup Tournaments:
The below tournaments are Cup Tournaments. All tournaments are allowed two no-show teams to count against their multiplier. (If you think another tournament should be on this list, please contact us.)

2019 Cup Tournaments

TRF Winter Kubb Championship - 01.12 - Thief River Falls, MN
Captain Ken’s Loppet Kubb Tournament - 02.02 - Minneapolis, MN
Ely Winter Festival Kubb Tournament - 02.09 - Ely, MN

East Coast Championship - 03.23 - Huntersville, NC

Leinenkugel's Kubb Championship - 04.27 - Chippewa Falls, WI 
West Coast Kubb Championship - 04.28 - South Pasadena, CA

Screw City Kubb Klassic - 05.11 - Rockford, IL
Ohio Kubb Championship - 05.18 - Canton, OH
Kubbing to Kick Cancer - 06.08 - Kasson, MN
Michigan Kubb Championship - 06.22 - Kalamazoo, MI
Pre-U.S. Championship Tournament - 06.29 - Eau Claire, WI
U.S. National Kubb Championship - 07.13 and 07.14 - Eau Claire, WI
Nordic Fest Kubb Tournament - 07.27 - Decorah, IA
Stoughton Kubb Invitational - 07.27  - Stoughton, WI
Nordic Fest - 07.27 - Decorah, IA
Chippewa Falls 150th Celebration - 08.10 - Chippewa Falls, WI
U.S. Kubb Open - 08.10 - Beloit, WI
Pennsylvania Kubb Championship - 08.17 - Elverson, PA
Kubbapalooza-The Grass Games - 08.24 - Menomonee Falls, WI
Kubb On A Stick - 08.24 - Minneapolis, MN
Ohio Championship - 09.07 - Canton, OH
Motown Kubb Showdown - 09.14 - New Baltimore, MI

Kubbspel Fall Klassic - 10.19 - Huntersville, NC

Tournament/Team Scoring:
Teams    Multiplier    1st          2nd        3rd         4th         T5           T9           T17       T33

14-18      0.8            80         72           64           55         48           32           n/a        n/a

19-32      1.0           100         90           80          70         60            40           25         n/a

33-48      1.4           140         126         112         98         84           56           35         14

49-64      1.8           180         162         144        126        108          72           45         18

65-96      2.2           220         198         176        154       132          88            55         22

97+         2.6           260         234         208        182       156          104          65         26


Contact us at wisconsinkubb[at]gmail.com with your team name, roster, and city.

2019 Teams (not complete)
Kubbitz  (Dan Drumm, Jeff Gibson, Riley Radcliffe) - Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls, WI
Kubboom Jr. (Max Klages, Sam Klages, Scott Graham) - Eau Claire, WI
MPG Kubboom  (Pat Klages, Gina Keenan, Mike Rogney) - Eau Claire, WI
Pitch Perfect  (Clare Long, Josie Klages, Maja Anderson) - Eau Claire, WI

The Kubbing Projekt  (Andy Long, Bridget Long, Brian Evans, Drew Strait) - Eau Claire, WI
Kubbstaches  (Jake Leavitt, Bryan Jones, Bob Hickes) - Morgantown, PA
Chaska Red (Mark Oman, John Oman, Phil Goetstouwers) - Chaska, Lamberton, MN, Amery, WI
Chaska Blue (Jason Larson, Matt Braa, Tyler Patterson) - St. Louis Park, Chaska, Burnsville, MN
Kubb Squirrels (Neil Weakland, Kyle Weakland, Paul Weakland) - Canton, OH
El Ringers  (Aaron Ellringer, Sy Ellringer, Dave Ellringer, Colton Ellringer) - Eau Claire, IL
King Kung  (Chris McDiarmid, Stephen McDiarmid, Cody Glorioso) - Hartford, WI
Drill Pickles (Demian Moore, Andy Lancette, Brad Larson, Chris Jones) - Twin Cities, MN
Tupac Shakubb (Parker Knueppel, Alex Knueppel) - Milwaukee, WI

 2018 Results

2018 Results (Top 5)
Chaska Red - 444
Ruckus - 349
El Ringers
 - 320
Kubbstaches - 308
Beauty School Dropouts - 289
2018 U.S. Team Cup Champion - Chaska Red (Lamberton, Chaska, MN)
2017 Results
2017 Results (Top 5)
Kubbanite - 560
Kubbstaches - 404
- 385
Kubb Squirrels - 313
Kubbitz - 311

All results
2017 U.S. Team Cup Champion - Kubbanite (Lamberton, Skakopee, Norwood Young America, MN)

2016 Results

2016 Results (Top 5)
Ringers - 600
Strike Without Warning - 565
übby Düdes - 445
The Kubbing Projekt - 412
Kubbatrubbas - 356

All Results

2016 U.S. Team Cup Champion - Ringers (Eau Claire, WI)



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