On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be able to wake up and take a drive 20 minutes north to Chippewa Falls to play in the Inaugural Leinenkugals Kubb Championship hosted by Kubb Farm. Yes, we are living the kubb dream in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley.

I was hearing the word helicopter a lot throughout the morning. I heard it as a verb, noun, and adjective. I heard it next to me, I heard it from a distance, and I heard it out of my mouth. In the past I have felt this way once and awhile, but after hearing it a bunch of times, I realized that new players might feel like a stigma is being placed on them, and that might be making them feel uncomfortable. I am not sure if this was perception or reality Saturday, but I also realized that there were a lot of people there that were playing in their very first tournament...and hopefully not their last...and we want to do whatever we can here locally to have them play more locally and eventually possibly travel to tournaments like Rockford, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Appleton, etc. While waiting for the playoffs to start, I got in my head that a good idea would be to replace the word for another word. Perhaps something that identified less and taught more. I thought and thought and thought, but I came up empty.

I was warming up next to Phil, Ford, and Matt from Chaska Kubb, and told them that I wanted to give Chaska Kubb the job to think of a new word that might be softer or less judgmental. They agreed. Then, less than one minute later one of them (I think it was Ford) said, "horizontal" and we all discussed it. Wow. Could have it been that simple? For me, I think it is. We want to keep the batons "vertical", as in the rules it is stated that they need to be between 0-45 degrees. It is a geometry term. Anything below 45 degrees can be viewed as "horizontal". It seems the word "horizontal" is a word that comes with no judgements. It does not, at least yet, create an identifier at all. It seems to teach more than brand. Personally, I am going to give it a try.

Thanks Chaska "Big Blue" Kubb