Hello world. The cover of the 2013 Kubbnation Magazine is now available. Look for the release of the magazine next week. You can look at a high-quality pdf of the cover at our Kubbnation Magazine page. The focus of the cover this year is American kubb in 2012.

In searching and searching for a photo for the cover this year, we realized that we just could not match the 2012 cover. Plain and simple, it was not going to happen. From there, we thought more and more about 2012 and what it was. 2012 was the year that U.S. kubb took off. There is an article in the magazine about how American kubb changed, progressed, and improved in 2012. Then it hit us. Let's show that on the cover of the magazine. With that, the 2013 cover was created. 

Also, please feel free to like our Facebook page. We have lots of updates there and will go behind the scenes of the articles after the magazine is released. January is our month. A big thanks to everyone that helped with the magazine this year. We are looking forward to releasing it.