The third edition of Kubbnation Magazine is now available. There are a host of articles in it this year. Not as many as last year, but we have a few longer articles. You will learn a lot about kubb in Belgium. Did you know they have over 50 tournaments a year and it is 1/10 the size of Wisconsin (and for the most part, only the northern half of the country plays)? As I communicated with a lot of people over there, I now have a huge urge to go to Belgium and play in a tournament. The team activity in Belgium is amazing. Websites, social media, shirts, everything. There is also an interview of players from the top two teams in Germany. Toss in kubb with the Peace Corps in Bulgaria. For us, it was really interesting to hear about things going on in Europe. 

There are also articles about things happening here in the U.S. Looking at them, we have authors from WI, MN, IA, and IL. Then there is a kubb set review and some player cards. We wish we could have gotten more sets to review, but some companies didn't want their sets reviewed. Among a host of things, we really hope the player cards help give a face to this great game.

Thank you to everyone that helped. We hope you enjoy the magazine.