Well, Kubbnation Magazine sent a reporter down to the U.S. Midwest Championship in Rockford, IL from our Kubbnation Headquarters here in Eau Claire, WI. We did not know how to dress, as we had just gotten nine inches of snow, and the forecast for Rockford for the two days prior ranged from rain to sun and from 50s to 70s. But we made it and had a great time. Below is a link to the Tournament Results page of our website where you can read about the tournament.

Before the tournament, many people asked us who we thought would win, do well, etc. Well, first of all, it felt like the first day of spring for everyone. There was a great feeling and energy at the park. We do think that the requirement of at least three people on a team did make a difference along with an assortment of four, five, and six-player teams.

OK, back to the question at hand. Everyone that asked who would win, we said two words "Team Knockerheads". As we wrote a couple months ago, they have the best all-around player in the USA (even though he played it down to us afterwards and said his inkasting is not at where it was and we saw Grant putting them pretty close together during a little practice), the winner of the 2012 Best Inkastare Award from the US Championship, and from what we have seen, the best or among the top two or three eight meter players in the country. Top that off with a work ethic that right now is second to none and great team chemistry. That our kubbing friends is a Dream Team.

We were probably not the only ones that thought they were the team to beat and/or predicted a Team Knockerheads win, so we are not going to pretend that we knew something others did not. This team right now is one of the top two teams in the country, along with the Kubbsicles, and nobody can argue against that. Toss that in with a few top teams not coming at full force and/or adding a fourth or fifth player, and it seemed to be a pretty easy prediction. After the Midwest Championship, we heard from a distance that with their current three player rotation that they are a combined 31-1 in games. Whew, that is good.

Well, yes they did win it, and they were never taken to a third game. However, we did see that others do have some hope. Now, we believe to beat the Freight Train From Des Moines, a team has to play perfect, and that is just to win one game. If not perfect, you have to take advantage of any line given to you and win on that turn. We are pretty sure they gave up zero all day in Rockford. To beat them two of three can be daunting for some. Actually, probably many, and it is safe to say most. Imagine playing as well and hard as you can, being in a battle/probably losing, getting a line and knowing, this is it, win or lose with these batons. That is some pressure. To beat them two of three, one has to play 100 percent perfect kubb, and probably get a little kubb luck spread in. But, we do think that will motivate a few teams out there to get better and to prepare for their match on the pitch (and knowing Team Knockerheads, this little blip will motivate them more as well). Now, there were a lot of games going on, and it is a little tough to watch them all, but we saw no fewer than three teams that had at least one king shot in their hand, if they would have knocked down their last baseline kubb. So, the opportunities were there, teams just need to capitalize on them. Again, we all know, easier said than done. From what we have heard, the Freight Train from Des Moines will be playing next in Eau Claire at the U.S. Championship. They will be going for their third tournament win in a row. We will see them in Eau Claire.

We just want to add another quick thing here, and perhaps we are a little biased, but it was great seeing the father/son The Ringers playing in Rockford with the husband/wife Throw Storm team. They also live in the Eau Claire Eastside Hill Neighborhood (Championship Hill), which is where Kubbnation Magazine is located. Both teams wanted to go to Rockford, but didn't have a third, so they paired up and played together. We had a big smile on our face seeing Aaron, Dave, Mike, and Shannon playing in the semifinals against the young Eau Claire team Dark Side of the Kubbsicles (combination of Kubbsicles and Dark Side of the Kubb) and it going to a third game. Dave is old enough to be their grandfather and he is out there taking care of business as much as anyone on any pitch. The 2010 U.S. Champs keep chugging along, sometimes just with the two of them, and sometimes with other players. Heck, looking at is closer, they have a 2nd and 3rd already this year.  

You can see some pictures on the Kubbnation Magazine Facebook page as well.

2013 U.S. Midwest Kubb Championship Results