2015 Dallas, WI Oktoberfest
Hosted By Kubbnation Magazine
Final Results

Gold: Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels (Eau Claire, WI / Des Moines, IA / White Bear Lake, MN)
Silver: Chaska Kubb (Chaska, MN / Amery / Eau Claire, WI)
Bronze: Claire Mni (Eau Claire, WI / Minneapolis, MN)
4th: Kubboom (Eau Claire, WI)

Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels 2-0 Chaska Kubb

Third Place:

Claire Mni 2-1 Kubboom


Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels 2-1 Claire Mni
Chaska Kubb 2-1 Kubboom


Chaska Kubb over Skubby Dudes
Kubboom over Steve and the Shufflers
Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels 2-1 Kubbar
Claire Mni 2-0 Ulfhednar

Group Play:

Group A:
Chaska Kubb 3-0
Johnny and the Dirt Squirrels 2-1
No, YOU go! 1-2
My Boyfriend Floyd 0-3

Group B:
Steve and the Shufflers 3-0
Ulfhednar 2-1
Stop Kubbing Baby Seals 1-2
Knitting Klubb 0-3

Group C:
Kubbar 2-0-1
Skubby Dudes 2-1
Stupid Beavers 1-1-1
Team Gorilly 0-3

Group D:
Claire Mni 3-0
Kubboom 2-1
Shinbusters 1-2
Last Minute Kubbers 0-3

Consolation Results:
Winner: Stop Kubbing Baby Seals
2nd: Stupid Beavers
3rd: Team Gorilly
4th: Shinbusters

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