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Two Kubbs In Eau Claire

Posted by eric anderson on Tuesday, May 21, 2013,
Well, Eau Claire hosted a Kubb: Learn To Play & Friendly event this past Sunday. You can see pictures here. You can see a video here. All things considered, it was a success. Lots and lots of work, but we were able to introduce it to 50 or so new people, one of which is the new EC City Manager and his family. After the event, I started thinking more and more about a few things. One of which was a couple of the people I met at the event and another was a few stories that I either heard at the ...
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2013 U.S. Midwest Kubb Championship

Posted by eric anderson on Monday, May 6, 2013,
Well, Kubbnation Magazine sent a reporter down to the U.S. Midwest Championship in Rockford, IL from our Kubbnation Headquarters here in Eau Claire, WI. We did not know how to dress, as we had just gotten nine inches of snow, and the forecast for Rockford for the two days prior ranged from rain to sun and from 50s to 70s. But we made it and had a great time. Below is a link to the Tournament Results page of our website where you can read about the tournament.

Before the tournament, many peopl...
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