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The Oasis ... Goodbye Old Friend

Posted by eric anderson on Friday, June 26, 2015,
I don’t remember the first time I played kubb at The Oasis. But I will always remember the last time I played kubb at The Oasis. Last night, The Oasis hosted its last kubb matches. The invite was less than 24 hours before the last night of kubb there. It was four on four, then soon, six on six, with two little kids running around…we would have not had it any other way. Last night, I hit my first throw, an 8 meter throw from just inside the right sideline and knocking back the middle kubb....
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Inkastare Training Tip 12 - Work the baseline (Remember, groups of kubbs are like snowflakes)

Posted by eric anderson on Monday, June 1, 2015,
Sometimes the best angle to inkast is not tight along the sideline. If you throw the kubb across your body so that your arm is along the sideline, but you are aiming further inside the sideline (left for right handed players), it is more difficult to cut the kubb back to the right. Also, perhaps your group is set up so that to get it in a preferred spot has high risk if you are tight along the sideline. Do not limit yourself to stand always along the sideline. Be careful though. If you...

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