After playing and watching a whole lot of kubb events the past few weeks, I have been doing some thinking about team size the past week.

It is no secret out there that I really like teams of three or more. At the same time, I 100 percent realize that not all U.S. tournaments can currently host tournaments with a minimum of three or more players on a team. Local interest, distance, number of tournaments, and other things prohibit some tournaments from requiring more than two people on a team.

Kubb is a complex game. It is not a game where you can say someone is going to hit a certain amount of shots every single day or at ever single tournament. Things like wind, grass, pressure, team dynamics, sun, and more can all play a roll in how a person plays from not just tournament to tournament, but even from day to day.

However, I think we can all agree on two things. First, a two-person team where Player 1 throws three batons and then Player 2 throws three batons does not involve a whole lot of team strategy with the batons. Second, with all things being equal, hit percentages go up with a player throwing three batons in a row vs. two batons in a row.

I am wondering about the idea of tournaments/leagues/etc. where the minimum number of players is two-person teams that they think about a rule that no player can throw more than two batons in a row. Some people like to play with three or more people and/or have to play with three people, as perhaps they could not get a fourth. If I am not mistaken, I think in Belgium, with their four-person team tournaments (they have a handful of six-player tournaments), no player can throw two batons in a row to create more of an environment/feeling of six-person kubb. That has me thinking of three person team tournaments, what if there was a rule that no player could throw two batons in a row?  

OK, back to no more than three batons in a row. Personally, after a lot of thought, I think this would be a very small change that would have a large and wonderful impact on kubb. I would love to see this tried and hear what people think.