In 2011, I went to my first World Championship in Kubb. At that time, my 8 meter baton rotation was anywhere from a 2 to 2.5 rotation, so 720 degrees or more. There, I noticed that most of the best players on Gotland were using a 1/2 rotation or 1 rotation throw. As soon as I got back to Eau Claire, I started trying to throw a 1/2 rotation...and it was awful.

I decided that I would try to get good and comfortable at 1.5 rotation. After I got good enough and comfortable at that, I would try to get good and comfortable at a 1 rotation, and then I would work on the 1/2 rotation. It took me probably close to a year to get comfortable with the 1/2 rotation and another year to get to the point where it felt, what I would call natural.

A couple years ago, after talking with some friends about them wanting to reduce their baton rotation, I came up with the idea to paint one end of a baton. I really wish I would have had this back in 2011 and 2012. It can be difficult for many people to see how many rotations the baton is traveling. Having a little paint on one end helps a lot. Only do one coat of paint, as you don't want to add too much additional weight to one end of the stick, and your hand won't be on the paint or just a very small part of it.

Most top players will agree that you want to throw 8 meters at either a 1 rotation or 1/2 rotation for several reasons. Remember, your room for error is over rotation. If it is under, then if you are short, the end of the baton will hit the ground first and have a significant chance to dig into the ground or hop over the kubb. Painted ends can also be very valuable for seeing where your baton hits a kubb when you are practicing the 4-5 meter part of the game as well.

Here is the video: