Companies sponsoring kubb tournaments is a great thing. I mean really great thing. Without them, our tournaments right now just would not be what they are. In addition, over the past four months, I have had the opportunity to talk with two different companies that are looking at kubb as an investment. Not that the others are not looking at kubb as an investment, but these two are branding their products through kubb, and I find that, well to be honest, amazing. I like to think that they are making a good decision, but still, we are just throwing wood at wood, right. I will just say this, after watching the video from Belgium this past couple of days (I am probably 15 of those views, and my kids cannot get enough of it), this game is only going to grow, and I would like to think that businesses would be smart to get in with this growing game.

The two companies that I am talking about are Hemslojd in Lindsborg, KS and Reallygoods down in the Milwaukee area. In talking with Hemslojd, I told them about an idea I had about painting kubb kings and putting last names on it, similar to what they do for the Dalahorse signs they make. Will they sell a ton of them right now? I am not sure, but I would like to think that there would be a market for this, especially for the Swedes that play this game or others with some sort of Nordic blood in them. I bought two right off the bat. One for me and one for someone that has a similar background and passion for this game, Eric Goplin. Then I think, what happens if they put this new product in their catalog? More promotion for kubb.

The other one is Reallygoods. I met them a couple years back in a small town in central Wisconsin called Coloma. My mom and stepdad knew the couple, as they owned a wine and cheese store in the town of 400 or so. Last year, we introduced them to kubb. Now they are playing all across the Midwest. In addition, they have starting up a snack food company called Reallygoods. They see an opportunity to promote their product through kubb. They contacted us about sponsoring the U.S. Championship and being on the website and 2013 magazine. If they did not see it as an opportunity for them to introduce their product to new people, it is hard for me to imagine that they would do this. This is really exciting.

Are these the only two companies that are doing this? No. I would like to think that there are local companies in many of our towns/areas that see sponsoring/advertising with kubb as a benefit for them. The thing is, these two are really going forward with kubb in general. As an example, look at Reallygoods new banner:

They could have put anything on this. Anything. And they put kubb on there. That, my fellow kubbers, is pretty cool. And, I heard that people are asking a lot about kubb.

This thing will keep growing and more and more people and companies are going to want to be part of it.

I am excited.