Sometimes the best angle to inkast is not tight along the sideline. If you throw the kubb across your body so that your arm is along the sideline, but you are aiming further inside the sideline (left for right handed players), it is more difficult to cut the kubb back to the right. Also, perhaps your group is set up so that to get it in a preferred spot has high risk if you are tight along the sideline. Do not limit yourself to stand always along the sideline. Be careful though. If you do move far along the baseline (equal to the king or even inside the king by a meter or so), sometimes you inadvertently don't cut the kubb as much as you should and it can land and stick outside to the left of your group or you might throw it a little shorter than you want (been there and done that). But don't be afraid to work along the baseline. Actually do it. Have fun with it. Find your opening, envision the how the kubb will cut, and land it where you want. Also, working along the baseline allows you to have more fun and work different angles, cuts, vertical angles, etc. of the kubb.


Remember, groups of kubbs are like snowflakes. No group of kubbs is ever the same. Find your spots, find your cuts, and think about the risk and reward for that inkast at that moment in the match. Moving down the baseline might be what you are looking for at that moment.