Are we really working on the third edition of Kubbnation Magazine? It is really amazing to think about that. There are quite a few things in the works right now, and there are articles coming from different states and countries as well. We are really excited about all the different things happening.

One thing we are doing is a kubb set review. Not a "this set is good" and "this set is bad", but a "tale of the tape". Dimensions, weights, what comes with the sets, etc. We believe that all sets are good, they just come in different sizes and shapes. Myself and Scott, Pat, and Sam of Team Kubboom went down the street to Aaron Ellringer's house for our first round of reviews. Here is a little sneak look from behind the scenes.

Remember, if you have any pictures of you in a kubb shirt somewhere interesting and/or playing somewhere interesting, send us the pictures, and perhaps it will make it into "Where's Your Kubb At?".


On a different note, a few weeks ago, I took part in a discussion about "The Perfect Game" in kubb and how it should be done at tournaments. Yes, a team goes first and their first five batons knock down the five baseline kubbs and then the sixth baton knocks down the king. I started thinking about it more. The more I thought about it, the more I came to my feeling that it is only a perfect game if there are six players on the team. Is it really a perfect game if two people are throwing three batons each or if three people are throwing two batons each (which I have had a lot of fun thinking what is easier and/or more impressive)?

My response to that is no, it is not a perfect game. There are countless videos of people going six for six out there, and anyone that has played the game a little has seen someone go two for two, or three for three, and many of you kubbers out there have done it, perhaps numerous times. With that, in my head, there is only one perfect game, and that is six players each throwing one baton. Calling anything less "A Perfect Game" diminishes a six-person perfect game, or the real Perfect Game.