We have been working hard on Kubbnation Magazine over the past couple months. Actually, it is more than just us that have been working hard on it. We have several articles from different people this year, from around the world. We are really excited about it. Also, all the pictures in the issue are from people that took pictures throughout the year, and they worked hard as well. There are a lot of pictures from Blind Photography in Des Moines, IA. Check them out.

Here is our timeline, which is subject to change. We are not doing these as teasers, but we cannot sleep on the cover, and the rest of it still needs work.
Early next week we will release the cover.
The following week, we will release the magazine.
Between those two dates, we will release page 2 which will have the Table Of Contents.

If you want to be one of the first to see the cover, head over to our Kubbnation Magazine Facebook page, and give that a LIKE.

Here is to a great 2013.
Eric Anderson