We have been a little busy here at Kubbnation Magazine, so we have not had time to finish up the recap from our reporter that went down to Madison for Madison Kubb's 2nd Annual Midsommar Tournament. It increased by roughly 10 teams, which is a great increase. The TV news media was there, which is huge. We here at Kubbnation Magazine strongly believe that Madison is one of those markets, along with a Minneapolis/St. Paul, that the whole kubb community will feel it as the Madison kubb scene grows, and it is in good hands, that is for sure. 

What a great day by the lake. 28 teams and players from at least four states.

Some of the highlights of the day:
- Team Revolver. Revolver was an all-star team made up of players from WI, MN, IL, and IA. Fun to watch them play. You could feel their energy and excitement in the morning and afternoon. Perhaps the day will come when a top notch six-player team can knock out a high-quality two-person team, but it is a lot to ask. It seems like they would just have to get overly hot, and perhaps have some decent experience with playing with six. After sweeping all of their opponents earlier in the day, they finished 0-2 and 0-2 in the semifinals and 3rd place game. Great team shirts.

- The food. Tons of good looking food from around the tournament site. No food is served at this tournament, so teams need to bring their own. From our experience, this adds more to the discussion of teams before a tournament and adds a nice flavor to the tournament. We saw a lot of sharing of rations at the tournament.

- Des Moines Kubb. Yes Revolver was an all-star team, but Chris Hodges again stood out. His energy, passion, and of course his game is at a level were a lot of other players are trying to get to. Josh Feathers drilling and Steve Feathers eight-meter game took Team Fjadrar to the Final. Take out the six-person Dallas tournament, and how many straight Finals has Josh Feathers been to? Perhaps he can answer that for us. But from our math, the last time he was not in a Final was the 2012 Loppet. It looks like the Freight Train of Team Knockerheads are poised to make a strong run at the 2013 Championship. We just looked it up, and it seems like five finals in six tournaments (includes Dallas) and does seven of nine sound right? Holy Wow. The only misses are the 2012 Dallas and the 2012 Loppet. This includes the Uff-da Fest, which we think he and his wife finished 2nd. If not, then it is "only" six of nine. This goes back to 2011 U.S. Championship. Josh "Dobbie" Feathers is on a serious run. Dude needs a kubb nickname. We are not sure where the nickname "Dobbie" comes from, we have heard from their Facebook page that some call him the Oil Baron because of his drilling. 

Makes us think about Mark Blazel of Kubbsicles. Let's look at his current run. 2013: Madison - Final, Rockford - Final, Loppet - No Final. 2012: Clash of Kubb - Final, Nordic Fest - Final, US Championship - Final, and we feel like we should be adding Uff-da - Final. If our results are accurate, he is looking at a run of six of seven Final appearances since he helped Kubbsicles win the 2012 U.S. Championship.

These two inkastares are on fire. A lot more goes into a team than the inkastare, but let's be honest, it is a vital position, so let's look head-to-head, since the 2011 U.S. Championship: Blazel vs. Feathers:
2011 U.S. Semi-final: Feathers
2012 U.S. Final: Blazel
2012 Uff-da: Blazel (we think they faced off here)
2013 Loppet Quarterfinal or Round of 16 (not sure how this happened so early): Feathers
2013 U.S. Midwest Final: Feathers
2013 Madison: Blazel

Will they meet in Eau Claire? Unless there is a Group Play upset, the only way can be in the 2013 Final. A lot of teams will have both of these teams in their sights, but we are wondering how many feel 100 percent that they can beat them (story coming soon).

- Eau Claire teams. Feels weird being in Eau Claire and talking about Eau Claire teams. Ever hear the joke about what Lake Superior would be called if a Norwegian would have named it? Yep, it would be called Lake It's Sort Of OK. Five teams went to Madison and all five finished at the top of their group. Four made it to the quarterfinals. The Ringers finished third by beating Supernova in a very hard fought quarterfinal (between four players that all live within three blocks of each other on Championship Hill), then lost to Kubbsicles. Kubbsicles (two of the three) finished as Champion. The EC team that did not make it to the quarterfinals lost to Von Trappe Family Slingers from Milwaukee, which have strong EC roots (where they learned the game), who then lost to Kubbsicles. Did you catch all of that?

- King toss seemed important, but not for going first, but choosing sides.

- Poynette, WI. Three teams from Poynette. Small town, but they all did not know each other. They do now. Perhaps Poynette, WI will be a new hotbed of kubb.

- Lots of new players/teams and everyone was having fun. Not sure of the exact stats, but it seemed 25%+ of the players were playing in their first tournament. We are curious to see if some travel, or if they will just play in Madison, or if this will be their first and only tournaments. Speaking of that, is seems like the WI/IL Stateline Region is the early season of kubb. Perhaps we need a satellite office down there.

We did a little mapping on the Internet this past week. If you read our magazine, you would have read about kubb in Belgium and then a year in review for US kubb. Did you know that in the northern half, from one end of Belgium to the other is just over a two hour drive. We up here in EC consider Twin Cities and Madison teams to be "close". In Belgium, those distances are as far as anyone has to travel to a tournament.  

That finishes our report from Madison.
If you made it this far, thanks for staying with us.