As a lot of you know, the U.S. National Kubb Championship will open registration on March 1st. We here at Kubbnation Magazine just got done talking with them, and it sounds like they are making the final touches to getting ready for registration. This will be the first time they will be doing registration online. They will be using the same company as Minnesota Kubb used for their winter tournament earlier this month.

Also, they are trying to minimize any confusion with the top 16 teams from 2012. The top 16 teams will all be placed in different groups of four. Each quarterfinal will consist of a team that finished 1-4, tied for 5th, and two teams that tied for 9th. However, those 16 teams need to have at least two players returning from their 2012 team to get the special placement. If you are a 2012 top 16 team and do not have at least two players returning on your 2013 team, you are not allowed to have the special placement, and playing without at least two will result in disqualification. You will be asked these questions when you register. In addition, if you are a top 16 team and are changing your team name, you will be asked to send an email letting them know you changed your team name.

Why the month earlier for registration? Well, Eric Anderson answered, "We have had a few phone calls and emails from possible teams from pretty far distances. As we can all understand, they want to make sure that they are registered before making any big vacation plans to the Championship. Also, that April Fool's joke on us last year, that was a little too much for us to handle." 

He also mentioned that the 52 teams at the Minnesota Kubb Tournament last month has given them added energy. "After being at the Loppet a couple weeks ago, it made us here at the U.S. Championship realize yet again, and believe even stronger, that we are nowhere near close to the potential for the number of teams and players that could play in the U.S. Championship, or for any other tournament as well. Their 20 team growth from 2012 to 2013, our 40 percent player growth from 2011 to 2012, and all the other growth in tournaments around the Midwest is amazing. We are not sure if we will get to our max of 96 teams this year, but we will give it a go. This spring and early summer, we are going to partner up with Kubb Farm and some other people in town and go on an intense kubb journey to a lot of different schools and organizations in town. Our goal is to get a lot more local teams and spectators."

Remember, registration opens March 1st.