We currently have 11 teams signed up for the inaugural U.S. Team Cup. We have a great mix of teams and players. This range is from 12 years old to at least 70 years old. We have some players that are newer to the sport and some players that have been playing in tournaments since 2007. We have teams of players entirely from one community and teams with players from different communities. This is exactly what we were envisioning. All are welcome.

The next Cup Tournament is in two weeks in Chippewa Falls, WI.

You can learn more about the rules and scoring here.

99 Problems But A Bridget Ain't One  (Andy Long, Bridget Long, Brian Evans, Drew Strait) - Eau Claire, WI
Berzerkerz  (Clint Childers, Coleman Rydie, Dan Charron) - Nimrod, MN
King Kung  (Stephen McDiarmid, Chris McDiarmid, Cody Glorioso, Nancy Glorioso) - Hartford / Cedarburg, WI
Kubbatrubbas  (Andrew Thibodeau, Emily Jipp, Aaron McKie) - Minneapolis / W. St. Paul, MN
Kubbitz  (Dan Drumm, Jeff Gibson, Riley Radcliffe) - Eau Claire / Chippewa Falls, WI
Lumber Tumblers  (Christopher Jones, Brian Winistorfer, Casey Anderson) - Eau Claire, WI/Minneapolis, MN
Pitch Perfect  (Clare Long, Josie Klages, Maja Anderson) - Eau Claire, WI
Ringers  (Aaron Ellringer, Sy Ellringer, Dave Ellringer) - Eau Claire, WI
Shinbusters  (Dave Bell, Steve Cole, Justin Kleinschmit, Rob House) - Minneapolis, MN / Eau Claire, WI  
Skübby Düdes  (Tim Motzko, Steve Dolan, Brad Larson) - St. Paul, MN
Strike Without Warning (Evan Fitzgerald, Darren Finger, Pat Rupp) - Roscoe, IL / Waukesha, WI / Elberon, IA