So, I have been thinking about something for the past few months, then I read a blog today and I started thinking about it in a different way as well. That is, kubb team names and what they mean, and to the team and others.

First, I have thought what would happen if I was taking registration for the Rockford kubb tournament and a team from Chicago signed up and wanted the team name Kubbsicles. What would I say? Well, I have thought about it and the answer is that I would tell them to have a different name. There is only one Kubbsicles and that is the Eau Claire team that finished 2012 US Champs, 2011 US 3rd, and 2010 T5. Then, I thought about the team names that have been, well, put to the side. For example Kubbin' Missile Crisis, The Kubbolutionaries, etc. If I remember correctly, a KMC did sign up for Rockford, and we let them keep that name, since the 2011 US 2nd changed their name to Wolfpack. I wonder what other tourment directors would do. The thing is, and I will talk about this below, more and more people are taking this game as a sport. That team name means something, or at least it does to some teams and a significantly growing number of people paying attention across the nation.

Ain't nobody taking the name Kubbsicles.

So then, this afternoon, I read the blog from Des Moines Kubb. It got me thinking a little more. Josh Feathers (2011 US Champ) talked about being on a team with his wife and their tournament in Spring Grove, MN. He mentions that they beat Kingpin and Goofy Kubbers and lost to Dark Side of the Kubb in the Final. Great finish J & J. It did reintroduce a thought I have had since Madison and then after last weekend in Des Moines.

Josh drilling at the US Championship, which he says he did really well in Spring Grove.

So, when I played with Aaron and Dave Ellringer, in Madison, our team name was The Ringers, as that is their team name. But we were not The Ringers that most people know (2010 US Champ, 2011 Rockford Champ, and more).

The (Real) Ringers - 2010 US Champs

When Dave teamed up with me last weekend in DM, we were called Sweden's Sons. That team name is the name I use with Paul Mullen. Thing is, Paul ended up not being able to go, and I didn't want to mess anything up with the tournament, so we kept that team name. The thing is, we were just as much Sweden's Sons as we were Crooked Lake Trolls, Kanelbullarna, and The Hilltoppers, all other teams I have played on with different individuals. Heck, we were just as much The Ringers. OK, perhaps none of this really means anything, but I have noticed that more and more people are following how teams/players are doing. People are keeping stats, talking about teams/players of the year, and this is not just a handful of people in the Midwest. No, these are people all over the US. At the same time, teams are getting Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and more.

When Josh listed how these teams have finished in the past couple years, it got me thinking some more. Kingpin had three players in SG and two in DM. Goofy Kubbers had a different player than they had in DM, Madison, and I think Rockford, but perhaps the same as in Appleton. By no means take any of these as diminishing anything or saying any players are not as good as others that play with certain teams. The thing is, when Goofy Kubbers are playing, no, I will just talk about myself here. If Sweden's Sons is playing and it is Eric and Paul, our team, no, the team is 50% different when it is Eric and Dave Ellringer. People see Sweden's Sons, but they may not realize that I had a 2010 US Champ on my team in DM, which makes life that much easier. I often find myself wondering where we are headed in the world of kubb. I do think it is safe to say that more and more people are taking this thing serious (like a sport) and what is in a team name. If a team played in Des Moines and the next weekend played in Spring Grove, and they played Kingpin and Goofy Kubbers in both tournaments, you are playing two very different teams. Not that Kingpin or GK even care, but what is the perception and how organized should kubb be or look. Or, does it really matter. Perhaps it does not.

I will say this, more and more people are going long distance to play kubb. I saw people today talking about how far they drove this year to play kubb. And, skill levels are getting a whole lot better. Sure, we play in tournaments to have a good time, but at the same time, a lot of us are giving it our best go, right?

Perhaps there is no question to ask, and therefore no answer to give. I just thought is was interesting to think about. Regardless, I would be interested to see/hear if anyone has any ideas of future ways to keep track of players on teams and what teams are at what tournaments.

No matter what, though, there is only one Kubbsicles, The Ringers, Tad Kubbler, Kubb'd, Kubb Snipers, and may I say, Sweden's Sons.