While in Sweden, I learned a few things.

One of them is the term "set". In the U.S., I think most of us use the terms "game" and "match" when talking about kubb. A team has to win two "games" to win a "match". However, these two words are very similar in the English language, very similar. Actually, one could make the case they mean the same thing...at least to most people...me included. When directing tournaments, if a "match" is getting close to a timelimit, I will ask a team what "game" they are in. It is not uncommon for there to be confusion after that, as sometimes a team will answer that they are in a certain "game", but they mean "match" or the answer the opposite way. Also, when describing the game of kubb, I notice that people get the terms "game" and "match" interchanged, and that can cause confusion as well.

I really like the term "set". "Set" is used in other sports, specifically tennis. Curling uses "end", which is their version of "set". If we say a team has to win two "sets" to win a "match", I think the vast majority of people will understand that a whole lot better than they do now. I know this is a very little thing, but I do think it would make the game a lot easier to understand, and that will benefit us all.