So, imagine this. Imagine that you have never heard about the game kubb before. Pick a state outside of WI, MN, IA, and IL, and you live there. Say, Oregon or North Carolina. It is last weekend. Beautiful summer day. One of your friends stumbled upon this game and made a set. You and your family head over there and play a little. You like it, you have a good time. You are tossing kubbs with no real thought. Your batons are pretty vertical, and they are spinning like a fan. Lots of fun and lots of laughs.

Monday morning rolls around and you do a quick Internet search on it. Let's say one of the first websites that pops up is You think to yourself, there is a United States National Kubb Championship in a town called Eau Claire, WI. Heck, you might not even know how to say Eau Claire. You think, are you kidding me, a US Championship in kubb, and there are other tournaments all over the Midwest? You do a little more poking around and find some other websites, pictures, videos, and more. 

The crazy thing is, this happens all the time. The US Championship was nice enough to do a little screen shot of the website hits they got over last weekend and Monday. Think about it, who are these people, and what in the world do they think when they learn more about kubb.

Yes, for the most part, this is pretty normal with most of the activity being in the upper Midwest. But people from all over are new to the game and finding out more about kubb. What are they looking at? Hmmmm. Let's think about it a little.

They are looking at people kneeling and sitting on the ground thinking how they are going to put kubbs up. And these people look like they are thinking about it for a long time.

They are looking at guys carrying around big kubb kings painted like a royal king....and big kubb tattoos. What are these people in Oregon, NC, and beyond thinking? Really, think about it. What. Are. They. Thinking.

They look at hip young folks that play this game and what they think are total party animals as well.

They tell their friends, people really travel with kubb pieces and kubb shirts while they travel...the world.

They think, people make names for drinks after the game and put the recipe on the back of their team shirt?

And people actually get interviewed when they play?

And two guys (one with a Brazil flag as a cape) doing a THREE HOUR Live Team Draw for the US Championship with the help of dozens of others, not to mention the six people that drove five plus hours and two that drove four hours, two weeks before they will drive the say trip again.

We get so curious who these people are. Just like when we look up in the sky and see an airplane. Who are those people up there? Where are they from? Where are they going? Are they looking down at our city right now, and if so, what are they thinking about? We often wonder to ourselves, who are these people finding out about kubb, and what in the world are they thinking about us? To be honest, we hope they think we are a little strange and/or have tons of passion for this game. You know why? That is who we are.