A little over a month ago, I did a blog post on what people outside of the Midwest might think of us Midwest kubbers. Or at least what the first few things they might see when they find out how big kubb is and is getting here in the Midwest.

Well, I have been thinking more and more about that. Just over the past three weeks, I have realized something very important. Let me first start with a few quick stories:


- This past week I was introduced to the SACC-TX playing monthly kubb in Dallas.
- A friend of ours from Team Kubboom told us he was up at the family cabin a couple hours north of Eau Claire, and he met a family from Houston, and what were they doing? Yep, playing kubb.
- We know a five-year player here that has friends in Dallas that play a lot of kubb.
- I have heard of other playing kubb in Houston as well.

- A week ago someone from Cape Cod, MA emailed us and asked if we knew of any tournaments in MA.
- We have known for awhile that there is a kubb presence in the Boston Area, not to mention the throughout the Northeast.

- Ohio is consistently one of the top ten states where we get hits from.
- We have received emails from a lot more than one or two Ohioans that have contacted us about buying sets and/or they have interest in playing in the U.S. Championship or trying to find tournament/kubb fest action in the Buckeye State.

Colorado (Denver)

- A couple weeks ago, we were on a trip out West and stopped in Denver. On our way to a cool restaurant in a cool neighborhood, three young guys and three young ladies were playing bags. I walked up to them and told them about kubb. One guy had heard about it and played it before. The other five were very interested. When they found out there was a National Championship, the one guy that had heard about it nearly fell down. After hearing it was in NW Wisconsin, one the ladies said, "I love Wisconsin. We should go." The one guy even wanted to take their picture with me, as I was wearing my 2013 Rockford Kubb shirt.
- Yes, there is Denver Kubb. And others from Denver have contacted us in the past.
- We have good friends that play kubb in Denver and they have friends that play.

I could add several other states/regions to this discussion as well.

Yesterday was the six year anniversary of the first kubb tournament in Eau Claire. Yes, that is right. August 11, 2007 was the year we kicked off what was to become the U.S. National Kubb Championship. And here is what it looked like. Not even 40 players at a highly planned, decently executed (with a few bumps), yet successful tournament.

Six years and seven Championships in, it looks and feels really different.  

However, at the same time, this can be said about almost any tournament, right? We have all changed one way or another, but one thing is constant. That one thing is that we all had to have our first year. Simple as that.

So, Texas, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, and beyond, TRUST ME when I say that you are not alone in your states. There are more of you. Honestly, for many of you, there are a lot more than you think. If you have interest in starting up a tournament (small or big), now is your time.

We had no resources other than this website (but we had flying batons and kubbs on the top of the page) when we started our tournament and promoting through what was still emerging social media. That was it. Now, if you want to start a tournament in Dallas, Boston, Columbus, Denver, or somewhere else, you have so many more resources it is crazy. 1,000s of people a year come each to this website, the U.S. Championship website, the Planet Kubb website, and a host of other kubb websites around the U.S. Not to mention social media and other avenues as well.

The word will get out. These people live close to you. In many cases, a lot closer than we live to each other here in the Upper Midwest. And for a lot of you, I am sure that you have potential players living in your community. What is best, contact any of us tournament organizers. We can help you. We will tell you what worked for us, what did not work, and what our mistakes have been. Be the next Lindsborg, Kansas. That is what they did in 2012, and you know what, they are now on the kubb map.

Perhaps us folk here in the northern Midwest are different than the rest of the people in the U.S. I am not sure. However, I will tell you that I don't think we are that different that people in other parts of the country would not like to play in kubb tournaments and/or have active clubs. I really think people in other areas are craving for it. I can tell you that they are searching for kubb, kubb tournaments, kubb rules, and more on the internet and finding this website and the U.S. Championship.

Go ahead. Give it a try. Start small.
You are not alone. Build it. They will come.