Kubbnation Magazine was started in Fall 2010. The first issue was released in January 2011. The annual magazine is the only publication for the game of kubb. It has articles related to both recreational and competitive kubb. The articles for each edition are listed below. Articles have included a long list of things including interviewing World Champions and a variety of other players, a kubb set review, tips, player cards, local clubs, and tournament directors.

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Old Line Kubb
Interview: The Lone Wolf
4,000 Shots: World Records For A Good Cause
The Colors Of Kubb
Virtual 8 Meter Tournament
Mirow Kubb
Dallas Oktoberfest
Wisconsin Kubb YouTube

Daily Kubb
Interview: Shin Takahashi
Madison Kubb League
The Belgian Bastards
Wasted Potential
Feature: Kubb in Minnesota, USA
  Kubb On A Stick
  Hot Iron Days
  Lake Superior Kubb
Exclusive: The Drill Part 3
Playing Kubb Around The World
Pitch, Please!!
A Tournament In The Spirit Of Kubb
Energy City Kubb
Virtual Kubb
 - and more

Kubb Life
KP Wild Dogs

Ne Kubb Sate
Kubb Brothers
From Right To Left
Team Kubbmeisters
Central Arkansas Kubb
German Kubb Federation
Interview: Gregg Jochimsen

European Kubb Championship
Kurpark Premier Kubb League
World Championship Results
U.S. National Kubb Championship Results
U.S. Team Cup Results

Rödön Kubb
East Coast Championship
Kubb Media
Kubb In Northern Sweden
Interview: Malibu United
U.S. Team Cup
NK Kubb
Continental Championship
European Kubb Championship
Kubb On
12 Tits United
The Kubboys
Eau Claire Kubb League
Chaska Kubb
World Championship Results
U.S. National Kubb Championship Results


Exclusive: 12 Female Player Interviews
Kalifornia Kubbin'
Interview: Ringers
Women In Kubb
Mastering Kubb
Püsselbürener Kubb
Norman's All-Stars
UK Kubb
Adventure Book Series
Quick News
World Championship
U.S. National Kubb Championship



Spanish Association of Kubb
Czech Mate
Interview: Kubb In The Twin Cities, Minnesota
Belgium Kubb Federation
Active Referees
Gotland Kubb League
Burning River Kubb, Ohio
World Championship
U.S. National Kubb Championship
German Kubb Scene
The Kubb Krew, North Carolina



Kalamazoo Kubb

Interview: Chaska Kubb
Battle Of The Best
The Kubb Train
Rebuilding Blocks
U.S. Championship
Kubb In Switzerland
Exclusive: An Essay On The Timeline Of Kubb
Eastside Hill Neighborhood Derby

Exclusive: The Drill - Part 2
Interview: Chad Bevers
Claire Mni-2014 Wins World Silver
SkyMotion Media's Magic


The 2014 Kubbnation Magazine has five different covers.
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Global Edition
Iowa, USA Edition


Europe Edition
Kid Edition

 Minnesota, USA Edition

Player cards

U.S. National Championship

Making A Klassic
Interview: Bibbi Olsson and Towe Danielsson
Fox Valley Kubb Radio
Kettle Moraine Kubb
From Cornhole To Kubb
Shirley Malm
Rubik's Kubbs
Kubb Canada

Eastside Hill - Eau Claire, WI
How Kubb Brought Me Back To Life
Exclusive: Game On.
Growing Up With Kubb
The Kubb Nerds



U.S. National Championship -
2012 Champion Kubbsicles
Good Kubbing - From Curling To Kubb
Interview: Robert Harnack and Björn Görlitz - The View From The Top Of Germany
On The Kubb Highway - From Des Moines To Gotland In The Midwest
Going Big In Belgium - A Look At Kubb In Belgium From [OHC]
Kubb In P.E. Class - St. James School - Eau Claire, WI
Exclusive: Kubb Set Review - A "Tale Of The Tape"
2012: The Year For U.S. Kubb - Kubb Takes Huge Steps In The U.S.
Kubbin' Development - Kubb In The Peace Corps
Planet Kubb - Feeding Kubb To The Planet
Where's Your Kubb At?
Player Cards
2012 Tournament Results
2013 Tournament Information
Team Shirt Collage



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U.S. National Championship -
2011 Champion Team Knockerheads
Fox Valley Kubb - From Family to Community
Interview: Ryan Kolden - Kubb in Thief River Falls, MN
Kubb In The Netherlands - Past, Present, and Future
On The Kubb Highway - The Mad Tossers and Rhymes With Tube
A Look Inside The Game Of Kubb - Aaron Ellringer
Diaries Of A Kubb Widow - Erin Anderson and Jaime Feathers
Exclusive: The Drill - The Most Important Throw In Kubb
Signalgatan - An Inside Look At A Gotland Team
Red Cedar River Yacht Club - Longest Running 3-person Team In the U.S.
News From New Gotland - Happenings In Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls
Where Are They Now? - Holy Guacamoles
Where's Your Kubb At?
2011 Tournament Results
2012 Tournament Information


The Drill - The Most Important Throw In Kubb
The Interviews...in entirety.
The complete interviews from all 15 players from four different countries.






U.S. National Kubb Championship
    - 2010 Champions The Ringers
Eau Claire's Kubb Tournament - The History of the Largest Tournament Outside of Europe
The Kubb Collective - Playing Kubb For Charity Since 2009
Interview: Terry Ekelöf - 10-time World Champion Team Ekeby
Des Moines Kubb Club - The New Club On The Pitch
The Kubbolution - How Eau Claire Became New Gotland
Kubb On Campus - Spreading Kubb Through Campus Clubs
Review Of Rules - An Explanation of Different Rules
2010 Tournament Results
2011 Tournament Information
Where's Your Kubb At?




Monthly Commemorative Covers












Kubb förenar människor och skapar fred på jorden.
Kubb unites people and creates peace on Earth